Easter, Part 1 (Hopefully)

First of all, I changed my blog name for the third time today. I hope that seasoned bloggers will understand, but as the majority of current blog readers (are there any?) likely aren’t at this point, I don’t blame you. It’s hard to come up with a name that is well liked.

Second, it’s hard to believe that Easter is tomorrow! I only now realized that my good friend Olivia’s birthday is tomorrow, and I can’t help but laugh at my slowness. It always takes me forever to get puns, jokes, and the like. Now, I have Easter to prepare for (okay, my mom and I), birthday presents to make, and a baby blanket to knit for my cousin Page (yep- it’s number two for her!).

Last night, Mom and Dad went over to my aunt and uncle’s house to watch that new movie (The Imitation Game? I never remember…) about the Enigma Code. While they were gone, I was charged with guarding the marshmallows and chocolate chips, watching the 1968 (Oh, dear- almost wrote 1698. That would be a little off, wouldn’t it?) version of Romeo and Juliet, and hard-boiling the eggs. This morning we dyed them (pictures of everything tomorrow, I hope) all shades of gray (and that came out very wrong. I think I’m using too many parentheses. Remember what I said about cliches?), blue, purple, orange, and yellow. Caroline used a scarf-dyeing method that I might will beg her to post. It turned out amazing, and if I wasn’t so territorial about my scarfs, I might actually try it. Hans did the run-of-the-mill half-and-half kind of egg. I kind of liked the simplicity of that idea. It’s nice to go back to understated, isn’t it?

I attempted a Martha Stewart tape-dyeing method, in which electrical tape is used to cover previously dyed layers. It should have ended up like this:


Far from it. At first, I was worried that the tape would be so sticky it would (a), leave a residue, or (b), peel off the shell when I took off the tape. Instead, it started peeling off in the dye, and ended up with an interesting tie-dye-ish effect. I still don’t know whether I like it or not, but, suffice to say, it did not end up as it should. I went back to the hand-dipping eggs. I still have a jaundiced finger from yellow dye.

We in the youth group (middle and high school) at our church are the egg-layers for our Spring Treasure Hunt, so Caroline, Hans, and I went out with two friends of ours to help. A couple hosts this every year, and it’s a highlight. Kids from two to eleven were swarming all over the place, picking up eggs, eating candy, getting their faces painted, playing soccer and frisbee- in short, typical Easter Egg hunt. Even us ‘big kids’ couldn’t help but have fun, watching the various games, roasting s’mores, and whatnot. My hair still reeks of smoke, and I’ve been reminded at least nine times to shower. Well. And I will! It’s just… blogging… must… do.

After that, we got to greet my grandfather, who is visiting from St. Louis for the holiday, and I made my grandmother’s black cherry Jell-o. It’s one of those foods you can not eat enough of. If it doesn’t turn out, I might just hit something. It’s just that good.

Finally, after dinner, Mom, Caroline, Hans and I decorated our Easter sugar cookies. Isn’t it fun to decorate each cookie, to place each individual sprinkle in place? It’s something Caroline and I were practically raised on, but I can’t remember us doing it for Easter before. We must have at some point, since we have the cookie cutters, but I don’t remember.

Finally, to end our Easter Saturday, we watched the Final Four. I know- but it’s a treat for Dad to have three basketball fans in the house, AND Wisconsin made it. I’m not a basketball fan in any way (though I may or may not have wanted to marry a choice Illinois player when I was four), but I have a soft spot in my heart for Wisconsin. Now that they’re going to the last game, I might have to wear red. 🙂

Have a blessed Easter Sunday!



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