Easter, Part 2

I’ve been wanting to post this since we left church around 10 this morning. Easter is, after all, one of my favorite holidays. The orchestra plays all of the favorites at church, the choir sings with the brass instruments, and to top it all off, we sing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Not to mention the chocolate.

I don’t think anyone in my family will ever grow out of the egg hunt. Sure, by now I’m less exuberant than Caroline and Hans (at one point, I had five eggs, Caroline had ten, and Hans had eighteen), but being able to look at the dark chocolate for months after and remember is just nice.

Caroline, always the most excited, got Hans and I up around eight, threatening to eat all of the chocolate. We had a wonderful (albeit rushed) breakfast, thanks to my mother, and finally, to Caroline’s utter joy, we were off on the hunt. Afterwards, we managed to divide the chocolate without any bloodshed (though we did come dangerously close!).

As I said before, church was great. The sanctuary was packed, and as our family coordinates Coffee & Connections, we saw it first-hand. I could swear we were getting out some new plate of baked goods once a minute.

We went over to my aunt and uncle’s home for Easter Lunch/Dinner.

All the food we brought survived the journey, thank heavens (minus the expected crushed eggs)


Every year, my aunt makes a cake in the shape of a lamb.


It’s just a typical white cake in the shape of a sheep, but somehow it never fails to taste special. Know what I mean?

Our friend Eric remarked that, once it was cut, it reminded him of the Great Sphinx.


I’m not entirely sure if I agree. However, all the food turned out wonderfully.



We celebrated my birthday a few days early, minus presents. (I had no idea!)


All in all, it was an amazing Easter- lovely weather, lovely food, and, of course, lovely family time!


Happy Easter,



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