Baby/Toddler bow ties!

I have been waiting to post this for ages. I never got around to it- I wonder why? I didn’t actually finish making this till two days ago, when I found the velcro. Can’t have a baby bow tie without velcro… or buttons. Resolution: make this with buttons.

Bow Ties

Supplies for bow:

  • 3/4 x at least 3″ strip of fabric
  • 5 x 3 1/2″ piece of fabric
  • Typical sewing supplies
  1.  Cut your fabric.
  2. Fold the 5 x 3 1/2 piece in half (right sides together) and sew on two of the three sides


3. Turn right-side out, fold about a quarter inch in, and sew straight across. I found it much easier to iron it before. Trim loose threads as close as possible.


4. Fold the long sides of the 3/4 x 3″ piece in to meet in the middle. Press so that it lies flat.


Not sure if you will get the gist of it, but… I tried.


5. Fold the larger piece in half, lengthwise (? never get those right) to find the middle. Crease it a little and place the strip over it.


6. Fold the strip in half and pinch behind the bow to form the bow itself.



7. Sew across the two sides as closely as possible, and trim excess. Adjust as needed.


For the tie part:

I don’t have any during- pictures for this, sorry!

  1. Cut a strip of fabric 1 1/2″ x the measurement around the receiver’s neck + 2″.
  2. Fold in half (wrong sides together) and sew along raw edges. Trim as closely as possible.
  3. Attach bow to the middle by hand-sewing. Try to avoid having stitches on the outside front. Taking your time is the only way to do this right, so don’t rush!
  4. Attach non-sticky Velcro to each end, and sew on all four corners to secure.

Step four was my fatal flaw. I’d hoped that I could get by with the sticky kind, but no- it ruined two perfectly good needles. The Velcro gave me a hard time the whole time I had (and didn’t have) it. I couldn’t find any for a week (reason for delayed posting), and when I did, I was so eager to use it that I ruined those needles. I had to think for a bit on how I should position it-


-before ultimately deciding to do one on either side. The picture explains much better than I do.

Other than the Velcro, I liked this project a lot. It takes all of ten minutes, as long as you’re not distracted, and the finished result (I think) looks as good as any ‘grown-up’ bow tie. In fact, I might just make one myself…

If you just make the bow, you could probably attach a hair clip to it, and use for a little clip. I’m hoping to do something like it soon for some birthday gifts! 🙂



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