Guest Blogger: A Cup of Sugar

Since I’m new to the sewing/whatever else (Does anyone know if there’s a category title?) blogging circle (or perhaps I started because of it) I have been reading a lot of other blogs. As in, a lot. Everything from delia creates to no big dill: you can say that I have been quite the blog-reader for the past few weeks.
Ever so often, I come across a guest blogger’s post, and today I wanted to experiment with that. Caroline has her own blog at Shutterfly (She’s a big fan of the Share Sites program. Personally, I like WordPress! 🙂 ) for her cooking, so I got her to post the eggs. It figures that she would use the puns- our family is big on them. Here she is!

Hi! In case you don’t know, this is Caroline. I am Katie’s sister, and she has given me permission to do a guest blog on her blog. This is the blog for my Easter eggs, from The Simple Life: Check it out, and I hope you enjoy this entry!!

So, there are millions of types of blogs. When looking for a blog on blogspot by clicking Next blog, I find a bunch, most of which are in languages other than English. There are calender blogs, sewing, cooking, crafting, gardening, writing, etc. So why is my blog just a cooking blog when there are so many other things that I love doing that I can blog about? So, this is the start of the next chapter of a cup of sugar. I will try to blog about other things such as crafts and gardening as well as cooking. Therefore, you non-cookers can read about your interests, too.

First off, I want to tell you about this blog I adore. It is called Little House Living, but I won’t tell you the rest so you can check it out for yourself. Hope you like it!

Happy Easter! Yesterday, for Easter, we died eggs.(I know that it is dyed, but I like to say that they are dead, even though that is bad grammar) My teacher was telling me this cool way that you can die eggs using a scarf and white cloth, so yesterday, I thought I would try it. We turned out with gorgeous eggs that taste good, too. I’ll give you the recipe here:

Hard Boiled Eggs
Easter egg die
Boiling Water

Silk scarf
White cloth (I used a pillowcase)
Spoon Rest-er
Something to put finished eggs in
Cups for die
Twist-ties or string

  1.  Wrap the egg in the scarf. Then, the scarf in cotton, There should be a little bit of fabric above so you can dangle the egg. Wrap the top of the egg where you grip the cotton and scarf either with thread or twist tie. I didn’t like using the twist tie because it was a bit thick, so I would just rip more from my pillow case to use like a thread. Tie it.
  2. Dip the egg in boiling water. I usually waited for the pattern of the scarf to seep through the pillow case before I took it out.
  3. Dip the egg in die. Now, he is dead (JK). Let it sit for a while. In the meantime, you can prepare your next egg if you want.
  4. Then, take the egg out and let it drip. Then, I put mine in the spoon rest-er. Wait a while, then unwrap. It makes this really cool marble design, huh? It also kills (dies) the cloth, so I thought I could make a tiny blanket with my cloths, except that I am no good at sewing.

Either try this next year, or try it after Easter, because I’ll admit it: It’s Easter today, a bit late to make eggs. 🙂


I’m glad that someone in my family is following me on the blog route! Caroline is in sixth grade, and we’re all proud of her creative cooking! She always is coming up with some new recipe, and unlike my attempts at from-scratch-recipe-writing, hers taste excellent for her age! More on that later.

Here’s some pictures of the final result:

IMG_4415 IMG_4423

Hers are the marbled ones. Far left for the first picture, and top right-ish for the second. If your wondering, the gray-green egg with the yellow stripe was my Martha Stewart electrical-taped-egg. Didn’t work out so well, did it?

Whatever the outcome, remember that dying is only cosmetic! The eggs always will taste good.

Have fun!



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