Summing things up

Last night I wrote out a long, detailed post on why I haven’t been posting and what I have been doing in the meantime, but accidently closed out the window without saving it. I didn’t even realize I had until a few minutes ago,  but as I don’t have the time to write it out all over again (and, frankly, I forgot most of it), I will try to hit the main points of it.

  • I have had a lot to worry about in the homework and project zone
  • My birthday was two days ago.
  • I received a laptop, which will allow me to blog more frequently- I hope.
  • I also received a copy of Just for You- Selfish Sewing with Your Favorite SewCanShe Bloggers.
  • I am utterly ecstatic
  • In deciding to do which project to do first, I may end up doing a poll
  •  Of course, I received other things, but these are the two that will concern you most.

Have a good evening!



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