The Search for the Perfect (insert object here)

Buttons. Names. Patterns. Recently, I’ve found myself looking for things all the time!

For example, as of now I’m attempting to sew a jumper from a pattern for a cousin of mine. After working on it for quite some time, I have definitely gotten impatient, and maybe cut some rather important corners. I did both of the buttonholes before I found a button. Disaster. So when I did find buttons that matched, they were far too big. So, for me, it’s back to the drawing board!

As for names… well, people who know me know how indecisive I am. I woke up last night, wondering why on earth my blog name and URL were different, and with a new one in my head: Jade Needle. Imagine my happiness when I saw it hadn’t been taken!

Lastly, patterns. Seeing as I’m still a student with no time, (almost) no money, and (most importantly) no drivers license, I am hard-pressed to get to the fabric store twenty miles away. When I don’t have anything new to work with, I get to use a variety of jungle/flower print quilting fabric (remnants, mainly) for my sewing needs/wants. If you sew, you’ll know what I mean. Besides quilting (of course) and the occasional bow tie, I haven’t found many uses for quilting fabric. Any ideas?

Well, I’m off to think up some of my own, so have a lovely night!



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