Me Made May: Day 1

First off- sorry I haven’t been posting for a bit. I’ve had several illnesses right in a row, and the stress of finishing the school year have kept me away. I have a couple posts in mind though, so you’re in luck!

I was going through my Instagram feed for the first time in a while, and a hashtag used by Delia (from Delia Creates) caught my eye. It was #memademay. Curious, I googled it. Me Made May is an incentive to wear more ‘me-made’ clothing. One makes a pledge:

‘I, (insert name here and blog address if you have one), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear………………………………………………… each day for the duration of May 2015’

in which you formally decide to wear ‘me-made’ clothing for some amount of time in May. Mine ended up like this:

‘I, Katie of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear more handmade clothing or use more handmade objects for the duration of May 2015. I will begin as of 5/14 because prior to that #memademay has completely escaped me. Furthermore, I will not miss the incentive ever again.’

I really hope I can live up to it.

Today, my grandmother (more on that later) and I started by wearing aprons I made to cook dinner.


Both of these aprons mean a lot to me. The one on the right I made for Mother’s Day, so I ended up putting a lot of thought into it. My mother is very, very dear to me, and I particularly relished every stitch. We had been going through Just For You (I think I mentioned it in another post), and she mentioned that she really liked the pattern. Thus began the project! It took me a week, as I had to hand-stitch it (the sewing machine is still broken.), and I still had school. It turned out okay, I hope, but I have to say it was one fun project!


The one above I made for myself. It was the sewing pattern that initially got me back into sewing. I used Delia Creates’s Simple Gathered Half Apron tutorial- link here. I really fell in love with the red gingham…

Both of these aprons I hand-stitched because of some reason or another- I do have a sewing machine! It’s a bit finicky- a forty to fifty year old Pfaff. I really love it because it was my grandmother’s, but it doesn’t quite respond to the modern resources I have.

My grandparents are visiting us, and in the next week of so you may see some British-themed projects. There is a connection, which I may or may not tell you in this post. 😀

And finally, back to Me Made May. I’m kind of interpreting it as a month to eat, wear, and use me-made things. From the roast chicken we ate for dinner to the aprons I shared in this post, I hope I will find enough to post about!

Enjoy your night,



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