MeMadeMay Weekly Roundup

Yes, I know it’s Monday- the beginning of the week not the end, but on Sunday I was a bit busy finishing the chicken posts.

Yes, I said finishing. I have decided that I would not do any more chicken recipes, for now, so that I could do posts on the fun things.

Like Me Made May!

You saw the picture a few days ago of my grandmother and I in our aprons-


-but you haven’t seen any of my Mini Dresden Coin Purse. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the one I made, but I’ll try to add one as soon as possible. I’ve been trying to use it more often, and I think I’m succeeding. I use it in school for cough drops and passes, I’ve taken it grocery shopping, I’ve taken it with me downtown- I’ve found so many uses for it! If you are wondering, I got it from Just For You, my new favorite sewing book. The pattern is from Amy Friend, the owner of the blog During Quiet Time.

I really haven’t made any articles of clothing for myself, but I hope to soon! I’m at a loss to what fabric I should use. Once again, I only have quilting fabrics. Fine for aprons, not so much jackets.

Are any of you doing Me Made May? What sorts of things are you doing? Leave a comment to tell me- I’d love to know!



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