Ever since we moved into our current house, we have wanted to build raised beds. Fast forward four years and we still haven’t. This year, however, we have rented a plot in a gardening section of our local park, to fulfill our urban farming desires.

Because we started a bit late, we’re using trial-and-error to grow some things. Where we are, it already feels like summer weather, making spinach, for an example, impossible. Because we’re planting things when we find them, our little 13×17 plot has no organized plan, making ours the most haphazard garden in the park!


Our broccoli has been doing well, though, and last night we were able to enjoy the first little harvest. Delicious. If you’ve never had home-grown-broccoli raw, you haven’t lived.

IMG_5291 IMG_5290

The kale, on the other hand, isn’t doing as well. We planted some by seed yesterday, but again, we don’t know how well it will do. Kale is usually a March- early April kind of plant, and it might be too hot. 😥 It’s a real shame- I love kale.


That plant is the one doing the best. I know- and it’s been in the ground for a week! Hopefully they will do better!

Well, that’s all  the pictures I have for today. The pattern I’ve been waiting to post is taking much longer than I thought it would, but I think I will be able to get it up soon!

Do any of you have gardens? What are you growing this year?


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