Since then…

Well, I’ve been trying to post for about a month now. I’ve been working on the Peter blanket-

The Peter Blanket, The Lucille Tunic

-pattern for a while, but when I went to find the notebook I wrote it in, it was gone!  I’m still looking for it, so when I find it (note: when), I’ll post it right away! This past month has been quite interesting. I’ve had various vacations and activities going on, and I haven’t had much time to work on anything big. However, upon going through my email this afternoon, I found many of the pictures I meant to post.

photo 2

This one was a May picture, but it brought back good memories. When my parents were in London, I tried out many British recipes, including this bread-and-butter pudding. I made the mistake of thinking it was sweet, and adding sugar. It wasn’t awful, but it was certainly an interesting flavor combination. I did like the recipe, though, and I might try it again.


Anyone who has read Harry Potter has heard all about the famous butterbeer, the favored drink of the heroes. Sometimes hot, sometimes iced, always butterscotch-y and delightful, it is a drink anyone would drool over.

Our family attempted to make it after hearing so much about it, and while a time-consuming endeavor, it was worth the struggle. Of course it isn’t a low-calorie drink, but it is delicious…


The garden is coming along. The picture above is an old one, and all of those beets have long since been eaten (deer, alas!), but we have a steady stream of kale, broccoli, and zucchini. Every now and again we even get a few tomatoes (often a target for deer, unless we get there first). For a garden in a park reclaiming the prairie and the woods, I don’t think it’s excessively awful.


Our herbs are coming along very nicely, and the other day I tried a lemon-basil ice cream. In the past we have shied away from ice cream recipes, since we have no ice cream maker, but I found a way to make one without and got away with using a brownie pan and a fork instead. It was definitely a savory ice cream, and an unconventional one too! I certainly fell in love with that recipe and will come back for it later!


This week I’ve gotten the chance to be in the kitchen a lot, and today was no exception! Right after breakfast I made two more batches of yogurt (have I mentioned my yogurt-making endeavors yet?), and while that was setting, tried a batch of pasta. The last time I did homemade pasta, it didn’t turn out well- I was ten- and it was far too chewy. This time I dried the noodles, and made sure they were brittle before I put them away! We’ll see how they turn out, when cooked!

Hopefully I will be able to do more posts soon!



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