Toothpaste: Making your own {Pursuing True Community}

I’m a strange person. I sing The Lion King at the top of my lungs while blogging, my favorite book growing up was Harvard Medical School’s Family Health Guide, and now my newest self-sustainability rampage: toothpaste. This post from The Fewell Homestead Blog convinced me that I needed to make the switch.

The recipe is very straightforward- baking soda, coconut oil, salt, and essential oil. It took me about five minutes to make, not counting the coconut oil’s melting time.I basically put everything except for the EO in my jar, held it neck-deep in warm/hot water while stirring     (until the coconut oil melted), then added peppermint extract*. It set over the next day, but I went ahead and used it about four hours later, and it was fine.

Because I don’t have the essential oils, it tastes pretty awful, but I’ getting used to it. And it’s so worth it- I have had no plaque, no cold sores, healthily pink gums- I love it! It really doesn’t take a long time, especially if the oil is already melted. For anyone even considering to attempt to go down the sustainability path, making and using your own toothpaste is an easy way to test the waters.

Just-ahem- don’t forget to use edible EOs. 😀

WIN_20150712_141401 (2)

*I was stupid enough not to read the labels on the EO I bought, and realized at home that it was ‘external use only’. I had to substitute nearly all the peppermint extract that we have. Despite the jar smelling of it, the toothpaste only gives me the faintest hint of mint.


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