Fall has… fallen?

Okay, I know the title is awful, but come on. You know the saying ‘Spring has sprung’? Well, why not ‘Fall has fallen’?


Well, school has started here in my hometown, and it’s more and more difficult to keep up the variety of projects I have going on.


It doesn’t matter. Now that I know what sorts of… things… they put in my breakfast cereal, nothing’s gonna stop me from staying on the (half-) homesteading path.


Like, google some of the unfamiliar ingredients in Cheerios, and I promise you that you’ll want to join me.

That put aside, I’ve decided to rename this blog (yes, for the fourth time)- it has obviously gone farther than I ever could have thought, and while I loved the name Jade Needle, it doesn’t really conjure mental images of gardens and homemade toothpaste.

So. I’m excited.


Ah- the garden. Well, the one we have been taking care of, at our neighbors, is doing splendidly. The tomatoes are beginning to ripen (and about time, if you ask me), there are a few pumpkin buds, and several watermelons swelling. Our first watermelons didn’t turn out so great- white on the inside, bitter- so we’re crossing our fingers. One or two zucchini plants our still producing, albeit with less vigor. One of the said plants has a half-rotted base that we covered in dirt, and it’s acting fine.

Welcome to my world.

As for the community garden, it is not looking nearly as pretty. We were gone for two weeks on vacation, and while gone we received a weed warning.  when we got back, we did what we could without tools, and hoped that we wouldn’t get another. We’re going back today, in hopes that we can harvest some and weed.

That garden gave us two little balls of heaven- cantaloupes. After we cut open our two bad watermelons, we got a beautifully orange melon. Small, yes, but the taste…


It was sweet, yes, like a typical cantaloupe, but with a stronger taste. It was enough to convince myself a store bought cantaloupe would not be half as good as ours. I’m probably right.

Not that I’m biased, or anything.


So, in celebration of officially changing my blog to a homesteading one, I have decided to try a few new things, which you will hear about in the near future. I have several posts in mind, so be sure you check back here soon!