More Soup

It is my firm belief that you can never have too much soup. Hot soup, cold soup, stew, and broth- and when you’re sick, soup is that much better.

I admitted to being sick Tuesday, and since have been trying everything I can find in terms of helping, and some have helped, some haven’t. More on that later.


Thus the soup.

A while back, I made a vegetable stock, froze it, and almost forgot about it. When digging through the freezer on Tuesday, I found it, and decided to make soup.

Mind you- I was hacking up a lung every few minutes, and blowing my nose continuously- in other words, quite unfit for cooking. But being- well, me- I wanted soup, and therefore, made it.

The block of stock went in the pot to melt, the fridge was scoured, and veggies were found. A piece of kale here, a carrot there- it very quickly fell into place.

Oh- and some ham. That was my little indulgence, as chicken was nowhere to be found.

A handful of noodles completed it. It literally took me fifteen minutes to make, not counting the time it took to get the stock out of the Tupperware (it was frozen, after all!). Thirty minutes from the time I got out of bed to the time I crawled back in-and honestly, with at least twenty of those minutes unnecessary..

And I’d feel stupid if I tried to post a recipe. It doesn’t need one. Heat up broth, add veggies, meat, and noodles as it begins to boil. That’s it.

When the cold hits you hard, you don’t want to have to make your own lunch/dinner. This soup lets you get your sleep and your sustenance!


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