Canning. And Stuff.

Y’all. I’m too excited for this.


Some people get excited when they get a new phone, or computer game, or whatever. I get excited when I get canning jars, a jar funnel, and a jar lifter.

Prior to this, I’ve only had a pair of salad tongs to lift my jars out of boiling water. Never, ever do this- it is futile, and while it will eventually work, it’ll scald you along the way. I’m almost impervious to boiling water- that is not a good thing.


On a different note, I love canning. The realization that you can eat food grown in the summer in the winter, without worrying about produce being shipped from Central America- it’s incredible.


It would be more incredible if I had remembered to can things in, say, April- but no matter. At least I have an apocalypse-style hoard of mason jars in my dresser.


Ignore the yarn. And the bad lighting. And the fact that a lot of my jars are in the basement right now.


Incentive to can more next year!


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