Hi y’all!


Yesterday, I noticed that I had gotten a number of new visitors. Hi, new friends!

At some point in time, every blogger wonders, ‘If I’m not counted as a visitor, and the family hasn’t seen it for a while, who is coming to read the blog?

So- I’ll start. Hi, I’m Katie. I don’t live on enough land to fully homestead, but I have an obsession with preserving, gardening, and crafting. I am a teenager- not married, no kids. I do have an an almost-thirteen year old younger sister who loves to join me in my adventures and misadventures alike, and two incredible parents who love to support me- and pull me away from the kitchen when I am avoiding my homework.

I also really like pie.


What about you? Do you have a homestead/half-homestead? A wilted basil plant? No judging on this blog. Any animals? Frighteningly large plants?

Seriously- I’m curious. Please, don’t be strangers!


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