A paradox

I have wonderful ideas for posts.


(remember the Zucchini Relish? It made an appearance at Thanksgiving!)

Somehow, I’m never around the computer when these ideas hit me. I’ve tried writing them down, but when I do remember to post, I’ve lost all inspiration.

It may have something to do with the fact that I’ve been binge-watching Studio C.

Screenshot (35)Screenshot (33)

If you don’t know what Studio C is, it’s a family-friendly sketch comedy group based at BYU. It’s an absolute riot! However, since I’ve been sick, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything, and therefore have been watching sketches all day.

There’s also finals.

And other blogs. And Christmas presents that I’m almost done making. And candymaking. And a nagging urge to rewrite that book my friend and I started/arguably finished fiveish years ago. (Edit: I succumbed to that. We’re on draft two of the third iteration, and everything’s going great)

Like now. I’m currently going through German vocab, reading old posts by Shaye Elliott, writing this post, and craving that lemon-basil ice cream we made over the summer.


It was such a keeper recipe… if you could have basil ice cream in December and not feel a little weird, I would make it. Of course, it’s about 65 degrees… so maybe you could. Do we have basil?


But seriously, if anyone has any ideas for beating bronchitis while managing seven finals, I’d love to hear them.


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