Hi- I’m Katie.


I am an atypical teenage girl who loves to homestead. Unfortunately, being a teenage girl can seriously limit the opportunities to homestead, therefore, I have affectionately called my lifestyle ‘Half-homesteading’. Thus the name for the blog.

It’s the fourth name. I started out blogging with nothing in particular in mind. The first and second names sounded ridiculous after having them for two or three days. Then, re-discovering my love of needle craft, I decided on Jade Needle.

I had that name for six or seven months, finally finding the trend in my interests. They all lead to homesteading. After an East St. Louis missions trip lead by the great Martin Wolske, I fully decided to pursue the agrarian lifestyle.

My mother and father have always made it a point to cook dinner from scratch as often as possible, and I have been eternally grateful for that. It has built the foundation to my homesteading interests, and taught me so much!

Some things about me:

  • I would choose the Oregon beach over a Caribbean one any day.
  • I have a collection of vintage books, around half of which I’ve actually read.
  • I’ve ended up arguing with someone over whether or not Anna Karenina is a classic (of course it is!).
  • We live in the Midwest, at the edge of the farm country.
  • I rather enjoy baked potatoes with butter and cream cheese. It’s my guilty pleasure- especially since they say potatoes are one of the worst vegetables, pesticide-wise. It’s kinda my goal to have a baked potato in which I have made/grown everything: potato, butter, cheese, chives- everything. And being able to eat it without worrying overly much about it’s toxicity.
  • I’m a major, dependence-stage chocoholic.
  • My family is half Cardinal fans, half Cubs fans.
  • I really like pie. I really like it.


So… enjoy the blog! I am just about the worst blogger in terms of post consistency, but judging on how (at the time that this was written, September 2015) long the blog has gone so far without being taken down or forgotten about, I think it’ll last for many years.


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